Search Engine Marketing


Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing, We could have written a lot of things rather from our own experience or from internet definition but yet we prefer the language what people want to listen and what they can understand easily.

So here you are Search Engine Marketing(SEM or PPC Services) is what we gonna make you understand and that is briefed under:-

Search Engine:- A product which is basically used to search about the things which we believe that they really exist and this could be a telephonic diary if you are looking for a telephone number so in digital world this search engine is what we called “Google” “Yahoo” “MSN” “” and so on…..

Marketing:- the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising is so-called Marketing.

Meanwhile, the definition of this Search engine marketing(PPC) is called as promoting or selling a product or service on Google (As This search engine is used on a very bigger scale than another search engine in INDIA) including marketing search & advertising is so-called Search Engine Marketing (PPC Service).

Search Engine Marketing

And for your kind information, Mr/Mrs/Miss Visitor Google have a scale of understanding that who could run his total 6 types of advertisement on google for which he took 6 exams and individual who pass their exam will be honored with a certificate for a single exam passing level,

Yet congrats you are reading a content of individual who have all those 6 certificates and you can check it our certification tab.

PPC Service:- PPC service is an advertisement service provided by google either stands for pay per click advertisement of Google.

In this service, your website is make found on the first page of Google whenever your product is searched on google.

Important things from PPC Services:-

1:-PPC Service can be started/stopped 5 minutes once settled up for one time half hour.

2:-PPC Service can trace each and every single penny/rupee of your account with search performance result.

3:-PPC service can target any location on the universe where Google could be used.

4:-This service can be started with any daily/weekly/monthly/yearly budget.

5:-No rupee will be deducted unless no one clicks on your advertisement.

6:-You will not be charged for showing your advertisement on Google.

For Example: If 10,000 people seen your advertisement searching your products,

but no one had clicked on your website it means no charge will be charged.

Search engine marketing